WrestleMania entrances: The best WWE WrestleMania entrances all time, ranked | Sporting News (2024)

The action in the ring is just a fraction of what WrestleMania has to offer.

WWE’s marquee event, the Super Bowl of wrestling, is a festival from beginning to end, and that is just as much about the presentation as it is about what takes place insidethe squared circle. For over three decades, the superstars of the WWE have entered the ring in numerous, extravagant ways.

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From Shawn Michaels descending from the sky to the Undertaker's creepy strolls to the ring, many memorable moments have taken place before the bell has rung.

Sporting News runs down 10of the greatest entrances in the history of WrestleMania.

10. The New Day: WrestleMania 32

Taking three mid-carders seemingly going nowhere and putting them together as The New Day was a masterstroke by WWE and the faction of Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E Langston are still going strong today with Kofi set to take on Daniel Bryan for the Smackdown world titleSunday at WrestleMania 35.

Three years ago, when at their wackiest, The New Day took part in arguably the most ridiculous entrance in WWE history when they emerged from a giant cereal box that was placed at the side of the stage. Complete with Booty O’s, The New Day found their way out of the box and into the ring with The League of Nations, but their entrance outshone the match due to the craziness that surrounded it.

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9. Edge: WrestleMania 24

Although The Undertaker’s streak was considered sacred before Brock Lesnar inexplicably ended it in 2014, the most realistic chance of it ever being broken before Lesnar crushed it occurred in 2008 when Edge was the latest superstar left with the task of beating The Undertaker at WrestleMania for the first time.

As he emerged from behind the stage, Edge, standing alone with his world title fastened firmly around his waist, took in the entire crowd as a deafening firework show went off around him. For years, there were questions asked about Edge’s main event credentials, but they were put to rest after this night. Undertaker kept his record intact, but it was a stunning showing from Edge who matched “The Deadman” every step of the way.

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8. Rusev: WrestleMania 31

Going into his match with John Cena, there were hardly any expectations that Rusev was going to claim the win, but that didn’t stop WWE going all out in attaching more venom to his anti-America gimmick with the Bulgarian switching his allegiance to Russia for storyline purposes. Having debuted his new persona in 2014, Rusev went on an impressive streak that saw him claim the United States title, but in Cena, especially at WrestleMania, Rusev was facing his most stern test to date.

With the Russian national anthem drowning out the crowd in San Francisco, this was "Rocky IV" with the volume turned much higher with Rusev taking on the role of Ivan Drago, but he wasn’t finished there. Emerging from backstage in an actual tank, Rusev stood proud on the military vehicle as he waved the Russian flag to the disgust of those in attendance. Despite the grand entrance, Rusev couldn’t add Cena’s scalp to his impressive ledger as he suffered his first clean loss in WWE.

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7. Steve Austin: WrestleMania 13

To attach musicians and light shows to a "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ring walk would be to discredit the man who went about his business in a no-nonsense manner. The "Texas Rattlesnake" took huge strides as a rebellious character in the early part of 1997 and his feud with Bret Hart heading into WrestleMania 13 would be a battle that would change Austin's career forever.

Long before basketball court-sized stages became the norm at WrestleMania, wrestlers would make do with the familiar curtain, but at Mania 13, a screen was erected instead. When it was Austin’s turn to enter, the words “Austin 3:16” appeared on the screen before smashing in sync with his legendary entrance theme. What happened next was arguably the greatest match in WWE history, granting his swagger even more significance.

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6. CM Punk: WrestleMania 29

The final WrestleMania appearance for CM Punk, who would be gone from the company by the time the PPV’s next installment rolled into town, and what a way to go out as he took on The Undertaker. Arguably the WWE’s standout performer in the two years heading into WrestleMania 29, Punk had taken on a gimmick where he consistently spoke his mind and complained about those running the company. This run placed him in intense feuds with John Cena, HHH, and The Rock, but at WrestleMania, a heel Punk, with Paul Heyman by his side, was trying to take Undertaker’s streak.

As he stood in the Gorilla position, Living Colour, an alternative rock band who had success in the early 1990s, blasted its most notable song, "Cult of Personality,"to the live crowd in New Jersey as it showed appreciation for Punk’s suitable entrance music. For years, Punk had whined about not being given the superstar treatment by those guiding the WWE ship; on this night, however, there was no way he could have any grievances with how his employers made him look.

5. Ultimate Warrior: WrestleMania 7

Despite his incredible popularity in the late 1980s and early into the following decade, The Ultimate Warrior perhaps only participated in two memorable feuds. His initial run with Hulk Hogan at the beginning of 1990 culminated in Warrior claiming the company’s biggest prize at WrestleMania 6 in Toronto, but it was the following year, in Los Angeles, where Warrior hit the pinnacle of his career thanks to his stunning match with "Macho Man" Randy Savage, which featured an entrance that fans had never witnessed before.

Famed for his energetic sprints to the ring, the seriousness of his contest with Savage due to both wrestlers’ careers being on the line ensured Warrior took his time when approaching ringside. As fans inside the arena waited for the curtains to explode and Warrior to emerge, they were shocked to see him walk to the ring.

Moving at a slow pace as he pondered the upcoming bout with Savage, this basic tweak of Warrior’s usual high-octane gallop ensured we were watching his full concentration and focus. The match delivered impeccably as the man from parts unknown claimed the victory, but his entrance to the match was one of the standout highlights.

4. The Undertaker: WrestleMania 20

There’s a wide collection of Undertaker entrances fit for this list including spectacular shows at WrestleManias 19 and 29, but his return to the "Deadman" gimmick in 2004 was by far the best received. With fans slightly tired of Taker’s biker gimmick, the return to the character that shot him to superstardom was always going to arrive, but reaching its destination took a long time and WrestleMania was the perfect platform to unleash it for the second time.

Written out of storylines to attend to an injury at the previous year’s Survivor Series at the hands of Kane, Taker tormented his storyline brother for months before returning at Mania. With Kane already in the ring waiting for him, the infamous yelp of Paul Bearer’s "Oh Yes" indicated that Taker was back in his original guise and the crowd at Madison Square Garden went crazy for it. Although the match was essentially a dud, Taker’s entrance was undoubtedly one of the showcase’s most memorable.

3. John Cena: WrestleMania 25

Warm receptions have been absent for John Cena at WrestleMania. Before becoming a divisive figure around 2005, Cena, in the early days of his Hip Hop gimmick, received unconditional support from the crowd, but for a number of reasons, the cheers were swiftly transferred into screams of disapproval. At WrestleMania 25, Cena wasn't alone when being booed, he had brought an army to help him endure the bile of the crowd inside Reliant Stadium in Houston.

Before making his way to the ring, more than 100 Cena clones appeared on the stage before occupying positions on the ramp to form a guard of honor for their man they were imitating. With boos still audible, Cena, as always, dismissed the crowd’s dissatisfaction as he made his way through the tunnel of Cenas as they performed the Westbury man’s "You Can't See Me" pose. Cena went on to win the world heavyweight title in a triple threat match with Edge and Big Show, but the sight of Cena being spurred on by his Thuganomic army was the contest’s highlight.

2. Shawn Michaels: WrestleMania 12

Michaels knew how to make an entrance, and that expertise was turned right up whenever the Texas man performed at WrestleMania. With a body of work from the event that stands out far more than any other WWE performer in history, Michaels’ "Mr. WrestleMania" moniker was richly deserved, and two years after first establishing that alias at WrestleMania 10, Michaels finally went all the way as he won the big one from Bret Hart in a 60-minute Iron Man match where he made one of the grandest entrances ever.

Located in the rafters of the Anaheim Pond in California, Michaels was lowered into the ring via a zip line as the crowd below reached out to touch him in any shape or form. Michaels landed in the crowd and was mobbed immediately before his manager for the match, Jose Lothario, reminded him what was about to ensure. The bout with Hart didn’t live up to expectations with far too many rest periods, but Michaels’ entrance signaled that he was going to grab the world title from “Hitman” for the first time in his career.

1.Triple H: WrestleMania 30

At least three HHH entrances were worthy of this spot, but his opening match introduction before taking on Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania left the audience in awe. The crowd was fully behind Bryan during the build-up to Mania, but if the popular star was to obtain in the spot in the night’s main event including Randy Orton and Dave Batista, he would have to overcome HHH, a leading figure in the company. That position was enhanced with his glorious entrance.

With Stephanie McMahon, HHH’s wife, introducing him, the WWE veteran was sat on a throne with Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss surrounding him before removing his attire. HHH then proceeded to take off his helmet and aimed a sinister stare into the camera that stood immediately in front of him. With a frightening soundtrack leading the way into his traditional music, never hada WWE superstar appeared more powerful on the WrestleMania stage. Despite the stance of superiority, he lost clean to Bryan, who would went on to win the world title in the night’s main event.

WrestleMania entrances: The best WWE WrestleMania entrances all time, ranked | Sporting News (2024)
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