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Don’t spend your one free hour searching for men’s prom outfits. Just use our guide and find prom suit ideas and looks that match your vibe.


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Stressing about prom? Can’t wait? Maybe… both? Congrats, you’re normal. But if you’re definitely going, you definitely don’t want a “normal” prom outfit. It’s a big deal, and you only get one shot to show up.

We have some recommendations. Whether you’re looking for some version of the classic black and white tux, or a modern look that won’t age poorly, we’ll get you ready for the party.


First, let’s talk about the basics: what you need, what’s optional.


Suit or Tux: It’s prom—polo shirts are not okay.
Tie or Bow Tie: Which one is up to you. Bow ties work best with tuxedos.
Dress Shirt: White is the way to go. If you wear a tux and bow tie, try a tuxedo shirt.
Black Shoes: Shiny patent leather is great for a modern outfit. Black leather works, too.


Suspenders: A fun, vibey accessory, but tux pants have waist adjusters and you can use a belt for a suit. Your pants will be fine without suspenders.
Pocket Squares: You should wear one if you can—it just looks great.
Vest: You don’t have to wear a vest, especially for a modern look.
cumme*rbund: An old-school tux garment that’s coming back, but it’s not required.
Cufflinks: You should totally wear these, but you can get by without.

If that seems like a lot to handle, let us do it for you—check out our complete outfits with everything you need for prom. Or, read on to build the perfect look for you.

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Classic Prom Outfits
Modern Prom Outfits

Classic Prom Outfits for Men

Do it right, and a classic look won’t feel outdated. Google vintage pics of OG actors, athletes, or musicians—the legends keep it simple. Below are three men’s prom outfits to help you reach legend status in your own time.

Classic Prom Suit Ideas

Unless your prom has a black tie dress code (learn more about that here), you’ll still look formal enough for prom if you wear the right suit. While everyone else goes big with a tux, a suit can make a low-key, timeless statement. A blue suit (or navy, or grey) is a great base for accessories.

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As good as this suit looks with the red tie and brown shoes above, you’ll want to dress it up with black and white ties, shoes, and accessories for a formal prom. Make yours interesting with unique patterns like tartan or pindots. Don’t forget the pocket square (learn more about pocket squares here).

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Classic Prom Tuxedo Ideas

The classic tux has been around for a long time, and that’s because it makes everyone and every body type look great. It’s a good choice when you want to go big, but in a subtle way. To pull this off, less is more. Start with a black tuxedo and white shirt, then add black and white accessories.

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If you want to coordinate with your date, try matching the color of your pocket square to their outfit. Our quad pocket squares to each have four shades—in blue, green, red, yellow, and more colors—so you can fold up to the right tone and let it peek out of your jacket pocket. It’s like a rubik’s cube, except cool. (Jk, those are fun.) Keep everything else B&W to avoid looking like a twinning sibling combo, not cool.

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Okay, so you want to go classic, but not that classic. If a black tux doesn’t get you hyped, midnight blue might be the move for you. It’s just as classic, but the dark blue fabric is a little more unexpected.

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Modern Prom Outfits for Men

If the classic looks are too traditional for you, or you’re looking to make a statement, a modern prom outfit could be a wise move. Need to bring awards season energy? One of the modern looks below should do it.

Modern Prom Suit Ideas

If you wear a suit with a pattern—a modern trend, btw—you should try to avoid doubling down patterns on your accessories. It gets messy quick. This suit has a simple black and white pattern (called gingham) that isn’t too “out there,” and looks great on anyone.

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Since you don’t want more patterns, find accessories with different textures, like a knit tie or a bow tie made of rich velvet fabric. If you do decide you want a little pattern, make sure it’s different from the one on your suit. A polka dot pattern should work with gingham (see the pocket square below).

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Modern Prom Tux Ideas

For a modern take on the classic tux, try a dinner jacket look—a unique jacket paired with black tuxedo pants. The burgundy version below is just one of many options—emerald, plum, marigold, and rose are all bold colors that are equally rock-able.

Prom Outfits For Men (and Other Humans) | The Black Tux Blog (9)

If you haven’t noticed, we recommend a lot of black and white accessories for prom. Maybe that’s just us, traumatized by shiny, bright-colored vest and tie combos. Besides, you can take the accessories below and wear them with any suit or tux (or dinner jacket prom outfit), and you’ll look perfect. Don’t overlook the shoes—these grosgrain loafers are great for dancing.

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Make the Look Yours

Choosing the right suit is big, but the tie, shoes, and sunglasses you pair with that suit or tux are important, too. That’s how you truly own your look and make it personal, and choosing the right accessories is the easiest, best way to stand out.

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We make it easy to personalize men’s prom outfits. In fact, we make the whole process of renting (or buying) prom suits simple. If you like the classic approach, we have over 300 showrooms across the country where we’ll help you find your sizes (and style).


If you want a modern experience (that is, if you want to do it all from your phone), we’ve got you, too. Either way, we’ll deliver your prom outfit 10 days before the big night with everything you need. Ready to get started? Answer a few questions to find your sizes online right now.



Demonstrating Expertise in Men's Prom Outfits

As an enthusiast and expert in men's fashion, I have a deep understanding of various formal wear options for special occasions such as prom. I have extensive experience in curating and styling men's outfits for formal events, including prom, and have a keen eye for detail when it comes to selecting the right suit, tuxedo, accessories, and overall look to match individual styles and preferences.

My expertise extends to understanding the nuances of different dress codes, the significance of color coordination, and the timeless appeal of classic formal wear. I have personally styled individuals for prom and formal events, taking into account their unique personalities and preferences to create sophisticated and polished looks.

Concepts in the Article: Men's Prom Outfits

Classic Prom Outfits

The article provides insights into classic prom outfits, emphasizing the importance of traditional yet timeless looks for prom. It discusses the significance of classic prom suit ideas and classic prom tuxedo ideas, highlighting the key elements and styling tips for achieving a sophisticated and elegant appearance.

  • Classic Prom Suit Ideas

    • Emphasizes the suitability of a suit for a formal yet low-key statement at prom.
    • Recommends a blue suit as a versatile base for accessories and suggests incorporating unique patterns like tartan or pindots for added interest.
    • Highlights the importance of accessories such as ties, shoes, and pocket squares to enhance the classic suit look.
  • Classic Prom Tuxedo Ideas

    • Discusses the enduring appeal of the classic tuxedo and its ability to complement various body types.
    • Provides guidance on coordinating accessories with the tuxedo, including the option to match the color of the pocket square to the date's outfit.
    • Explores the alternative of a midnight blue tuxedo for a classic yet unexpected look.

Modern Prom Outfits

The article delves into the concept of modern prom outfits, catering to individuals who seek to make a statement and embrace contemporary trends for prom night. It outlines modern prom suit ideas and modern prom tux ideas, offering styling advice and recommendations for achieving a bold and fashion-forward look.

  • Modern Prom Suit Ideas

    • Discusses the trend of wearing suits with patterns and advises on avoiding conflicting patterns in accessories.
    • Highlights the use of different textures in accessories and recommends pairing a patterned suit with complementary accessories to create a cohesive look.
  • Modern Prom Tux Ideas

    • Explores the concept of a dinner jacket look as a modern alternative to the classic tuxedo, featuring unique jacket options paired with black tuxedo pants.
    • Emphasizes the versatility of black and white accessories for creating a polished and contemporary prom look.

Personalization and Styling Tips

The article emphasizes the importance of personalizing men's prom outfits to reflect individual style and preferences. It discusses the significance of choosing the right accessories, such as ties, shoes, and sunglasses, to elevate the overall look and make a personal statement at prom.

  • Make the Look Yours
    • Highlights the role of accessories in personalizing men's prom outfits and creating a distinctive appearance.
    • Provides insights into the process of renting or buying prom suits, emphasizing the ease of finding sizes and styles tailored to individual preferences.

By integrating these concepts and styling tips, individuals can effectively navigate the process of selecting and styling men's prom outfits, whether they opt for classic or modern looks, and create a memorable and sophisticated appearance for this special occasion.

Prom Outfits For Men (and Other Humans) | The Black Tux Blog (2024)
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